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Valve Repair and Sales - Smoky Mountain Valve & Services

Smoky Mountain ValveSmoky Mountain Valve & Service has been specializing in valve repair since 1991. While we do repair manual valves, our main line of service is throttling control globe valves and ball valves as well as automated on / off valves such as knife gate, ball and flex gate valves. We operate out of a 6500 square foot facility in North Carolina with 2500 square feet of shop and office area, and 4000 square feet of warehouse space. Our valve repair capabilities and services are not limited to the valve bodies alone. We also repair a wide array of actuators, positioners and accessories used to operate, control and monitor valves as well as dampers. We also repair pressure reducing valves as well their associated actuators and or operators. Including Pressure reducing and back pressure reducing valves. Having been in the valve repair industry for many years, we have knowledge of older valve and operator designs as well as the most current designs. Our valve repair services are offered for but not limited to Globe, Ball, V-Ball, Eccentric Rotary, Butterfly, Triple Offset Butterfly, Thermo-Compressor, De-Superheater, Basis weight and Gate Valves. Our services include:
  • Lathe work capability up to 60"
  • Bridgeport milling machine
  • Glass bead blasting (3X4 cabinet)
  • Painting (both enamel and epoxy)
  • Turn around time normally 2-4 weeks
  • Emergency work 1-2 days (according to parts availability)
While we do have discount parts pricing agreements with most major brand valve manufacturers we can quite often save our customers money by re-manufacturing and or resurfacing existing trim components. We can also provide Hard Facing, Chrome Plating and Electroless Nickel Plating on trim components. Concerning valves that are non-repairable. Several choices can be explored. We can offer a new duplicate replacement assembly, a re-manufactured assembly or a direct replacement new surplus assembly depending on your needs and our stock. Valve repair is our business. Let Smoky Mountain Valve & Service show you how we can save you money on valve repair over valve replacement.  Contact Smoky Mountain valve & Service at (828) 593-9133 LEARN MORE